Creative Director (Consulting) – UX/UI, Creative, eCommerce

This past summer I had the awesome opportunity to consult with team over at UnderArmour. Specifically providing direction on the brands' web and mobile presence, as well I was asked to focus on a new category launch for their BaseLayer product line. Below are a few excerpts from the initial presentation.

General Highlights

  • » Provided detailed reasoning and validation to support switching to an adaptive site experience
  • » Gave insights on site and channel merchandising and curation
  • » Suggested providing users with more content around product categories throughout the site to spur engagement, brand affinitiy and return visits
  • » Provided creative/art direction for rollout via email, site, social and app experience
  • » Performed site, tablet/mobile audits for all aspects of user journey/product experience

UnderArmour - Jacin Greenhill Digital Design Director UnderArmour - Jacin Greenhill Digital Design Director

This is only meant to display the creative execution of a much larger initiative. The amount of research, hypothesis', testing, validation and exploration are simply too much to vet here (not to mention a great deal of it is proprietary). Additionally, the specific creative outcomes are somewhat subjective as they are based on a combination of data analysis, internal market strategy and end-user research for this particular product and CX.

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