MyHabit by Amazon: Apple Watch (Concept)

As with most things, I purpose to work iteratively and get buy-in for larger concepts before putting a ton of work into the pipeline. The specific goal here was to surprise and delight the customer within the Apple watch experience by creating a sticky APP that was derivative from the typical shopping cx. This is the initial concept exploration involving a couple teammates on the Product, DEV and Creative teams.

Apple Watch – Gamification


  • » Gain customer insights with shopping behaviors that may be bias per device paradigm
  • » Glean customer preferences to build customer profiles
  • » Gain knowledge regarding in-app behaviors with shopping, conversions, paths
  • » Fun, Fun, Fun, Quick/Fast past/Visceral experience, Learning/Teaching paradigm
  • » Awards/points based experience
  • » Social component, Sharing, Challenging friends, Group gaming (ex. Words with friends)

Game Suite:
Multiple games can be segmented by dept. (Priority: Women’s, Kids; Secondary: Home Men’s)

R/O Fiscal Impact:
Promotional budget to execute

iOS/Android App:
Gaming App can be add-on to existing APP or stand-alone. Long term should not be contained to Apple Watch only

Fluid Interactions:
Interactions between states/user initiated gestures –

MyHabit By Amazon - Jacin Greenhill Creative Director


User complete multiple challenges to “Find the Fake” where different brands and products are introduced to the user and they are challenged to identify the fake or the item that is incorrect. For example: The user is challenged to identify which item is the Prada handbag in a series of quickly moving ASINs (logos removed or displaying an angle that does not show the logo) the user must tap the correct choice. As levels increase, the challenges become more obscure or faster with more variety (TBD).

Form/Function example:

  • » Basic gesture patterns: Horizontal Swipe/Tap motions get user through the experience (fluid interaction)

MyHabit By Amazon - Jacin Greenhill Creative Director


A multi-level scavenger hunt game in which you can challenge friends to run through a mall maze to search for/collect designer apparel and accessories. There are obstacles that impede progress (like mall cops, kids, elderly, other shoppers, sample sales that cause crowds, etc…) and these increase in complexity within each level.

  • a. Players can get power ups with certain items in their bag
  • b. Surpassing obstacles successfully can provide additional level up options
  • c. Shareable content and acheivements to create acquisition funnel
Form/Function example:
  • » Maze environment that user "runs" through using wrist movement taking advantage of the watch paradigm and tap to select
  • » Uses motion compressor/barometer to move throughout the maze


Decide what’s trendy and what’s not using our product catalog in a “tap & swipe” motion. Challenge friends to see who’s fastest and who’s the most trendy. Score points with speed and accuracy. Show a series of inspiration shots “what trendy now” (i.e. pic of woman in heels, torn jeans, white tee and leather jacket). Participants have "30secs" to select/match most trendy items from the inspiration shot 1-2-3-GO! Awards are points, promo code, Gift (low ASP aged inventory), or grand prize of “X”.

  • a. Potential for Partnerships – ex. Win a trip to Access Hollywood or Wendy Williams show
  • b. Partner with vendors to push product launches or services
  • c. Shareable content and acheivements to create acquisition funnel
Form/Function example:
  • » Swipe/Tap motions get user through the experience


Scratch game similar to lotto. Tiles rotate/spin or slide. Tap to select/stop spin, Scratch the “tile” (Force touch/”scratch”) to revel winnings. Examples of prizes could be: points, promo code, Gift (low ASP aged inventory), Cute puppy (or any cute animal) for Try Again.

Form/Function example:
  • » Conceptually thinking modern take on Wheel of Fortune type game
  • » Swipe/Tap gestures move user through the experience (fluid interaction)
  • » Each challenge completed is worth a point total and as users build points and complete levels the rewards/prizes increase from digital prizes (TBD) to actual prizes (e.g. gift cards to the site, or promo codes, or exclusive access to events/sales not showcased on the site, up to an actual $500 shopping spree on the site).