Creative Director – eCommerce, UX/UI, Digital, Creative (Design & Editorial)

I am currently resposible for creative direction and day–to–day management of product UX/UI strategy, visual design/creative, editorial photography, copywriting and styling teams. Seeking to drive the overall process from a research/analysis perspective my team creates personas, userstories and concepts user flows for both Bluefly and Belle&Clive products. In addition to producing multiple editorial shoots monthly to keep a consistent brand voice throughout our marketing, PR and social channels we are also focused on testing and validating (or disproving) various use cases and experiences throughtout the site(s).

General Highlights

  • » Led brand initiatives for rebranding, site experience, refining the editorial and photography process
  • » Created brand standards for daily creative including marketing, email, affiliates, social campaigns, microsites, etc…
  • » Managed an internal team, freelancers and outsourced/offsite personnel
  • » Collaborated with international partners to launch Rakuten “shop–in–shop” in the Japanese market
  • » Continually developed concepts and solutions to improve customer experience and conversion
  • » Worked with tech team/developers on all tablet/mobile aspects of user journey/product experience
  • » Fully redesigned checkout flow to improve usability and encourage crosssell/upsell opportunities
  • » Led program for personalization experience of the from gateway to postpurchase

SPECIAL THANKS TO MY TALENTED TEAM – Tanesha Smith Watley, Hiran Kuru, David Paul Larson (& Co.), Eli Schmidt (& Co.), Molly Corrigan, Patti Behler, Lina Yang, Tammi Chan, Robert Kenner, Lauren Turnier, Casandra Carlovich, Dana Tepper, Bethany Greenberg, Sholiyide Otugalu, Sharon Servillo, Christina Halpin, Jacqueline Nahum, Mac..., and to the too many other freelancers and contractors I had the pleasure of working with. Although not on this list your professionalism and work ethic do not go unappreciated.

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